31 Days of My World As It Is Sung: Beginnings

31 Days of My World As It Is Sung

My life is crazy with school, parenting, and church so I decided that adding a blog challenge made *PERFECT* sense. 🙂 Rather than try to be topical this year, I am just blogging about life and trying to post daily for the next 31 days.

The picture was taken of the tulip fields at RoozenGaarde during the Tulip Festival this past April. The title of “My World As It Is Sung” is in reference to the land of Narnia being sung into existence by Aslan in C.S. Lewis’ book, The Magician’s Nephew.

Day 01 — The Simple Woman’s Daybook for October 1, 2017
Day 02 — Kyrie
Day 03 — Country Mouse Visits The City
Day 04 — The Visit Itself
Day 05 — 7 Quick Takes on ADHD, Greek Food, and Other Fun Things
Day 06 — Joffrey Elite
Day 07 — Autism and Changelings
Day 08 — The Simple Woman’s Daybook for October 8, 2017
Day 09 — Hasidism
Day 10 — Pouring From My Empty Cup
Day 11 — The Current Baseball Playoffs
Day 12 — Autumn Quick Takes
Day 13 — Pumpkin Spice LattĂ©
Day 14 — The Rose Ensemble
Day 15 — The Simple Woman’s Daybook for October 15, 2017
Day 16 — Overcoming One of My Fears
Day 17 — Things That Make Me Feel Alive
Day 18 — Source of Traditional Hymnody
Day 19 — Free Speech Edition of My 7 Quick Takes
Day 20 — Down in the River to Pray