7 Quick Takes: Homework Break Edition

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

Baseball take #1. Kind of bummed that Matt Cain is retiring but it sounds like it’s for the best. He’s got some injuries and he’s had a really good run with the Giants.

— 2 —

Because I *OBVIOUSLY* don’t have enough on my plate right now. I’m doing Write 31 Days again. I’ll have a sticky page up on Saturday with my details.


— 3 —

School take #1. My CDSP class on church finance is fascinating and has led to some interesting conversations with my Vestry. I may end up as the church treasurer at some point in the next 10 years so I’m glad I’m learning about fund accounting.

— 4 —

Divorce-related take. I’ve largely kept the divorce off of this blog because I don’t want to air my dirty laundry. However, the final judgment has just been submitted to both attorneys for signatures. Please pray we can get everything signed off in the next week or so and also pray for Jon’s heart and my heart as this is a very painful process for both of us.

— 5 —

Having just said all that…This song came up on YouTube and I think it’s definitely where my heart is at the moment.

— 6 —

School take #2. My other three classes are going well. I want to immerse myself completely in Sage50 for my Microcomputer Accounting II class and play but I need to be diligent and finish things up for my Electronic Communications class in the next day or so.

— 7 —

In closing…

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