The Simple Woman’s Daybook: December 15, 2019

For Today… December 15, 2019

Simple Woman's Daybook

Looking out my window… dark. It was in the 30’s today with scattered showers. No snow yet.

I am thinking… about the Lenten devotional book for church. I meet with my priest tomorrow to talk about it. I’m also thinking about the church website and how to include all the information that needs to be included and visible on the first page.

I am thankful… for a wonderful church community. I think the reason I haven’t swum the Tiber yet is that my church is so amazing and feeds me spiritually every week.

One of my favorite things… quiet. I’m waiting for Daniel to go to sleep because I need some. Thankfully, I don’t have a terribly crazy week, so that should help.

I am wearing… a long-sleeved charcoal ribbed shirt and jeans. I’m barefoot as always. Church clothes were a black and green pinstriped t-shirt dress, a black cardigan, black tights, and my black flats. I’m incredibly happy that I can get tights on Amazon.Com and that I know my size so I can get them off of Target.Com instead of having to go into the subpar Target location we have here.

I am creating… *.txt files for when I transition the church website to WordPress on Thursday.

I am listening to… the sound of the washer and dryer so I can know when to move laundry around. I also need the pajama bottoms in the dryer before I shower.

I am hoping… this week goes well and that the new dishwasher gets installed tomorrow. We’ve been without a functional dishwasher since the day after Thanksgiving.

I am learning… possibly how to create a MySQL database from scratch.

In my kitchen… God knows. Probably my favorite pesto pasta from Trader Joe’s.

Post Script… I tell my students this soooo often! I also tell them to date any handouts they get and read their syllabi carefully.

Shared Quote… “Read all the words, not just the ones you like.” — my Accounting instructor

I may or may not quote this to my students daily.

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