7 Quick Takes: Meh Edition

7 Quick Takes

There might be Amazon affiliate links because… I am an Amazon affiliate!

— 1 —

On my hook. I finished a hat that will be going to a charity that disperses them to the homeless, and I currently have a secret pair of socks in progress for my mom. I’m trying to get them done for Christmas morning, so I’ll be crocheting my fingers off this weekend. I’ll be home with Daniel, so I’m going to have to be really secretive.

— 2 —

Project accomplished… sort of. The project I was alluding to in take #7 last week was my church’s website. The webmaster and I met yesterday at Starbucks and got everything up. Praying together beforehand helped, I think. (I was just going to say grace over my lunch by myself, but he said he’d love to say grace with me, so… we did! I added prayers for the website, which I really do think was a good thing.) The announcements for the week are up as is this year’s Advent devotional book. I’ll probably be building different pages over the next few days.

— 3 —

Music for Sunday. We are doing this piece for Sunday. It was originally arranged for the Christmas Festival at St. Olaf College, so my 9 person choir is having to be those choirs. The harmonies are also a bit complicated, so I’m glad to have it under my belt again.

— 4 —

Christmas dress. I get advertising emails from Old Navy daily and one came that said “$10 dresses”. I clicked over with all possible speed and found a green dress I liked. It’s basically the long-sleeved version of one of my favorite dresses that makes me feel pretty when I wear it, so I’m excited to wear it on Christmas Eve to Midnight Mass.

— 5 —

Amazon Prime. I discovered that I could get tights on Amazon.Com, and this discovery is yet one more step along the path of becoming a hermit. Prime is sooooo worth it as well–I don’t have to wait for the stuff I need and it comes on my schedule.

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  1. I, too, am well on my way to never leaving the house again because of Amazon Prime. When I was a single woman who ran my own editing business over the Internet, I made a fun little game of how many days I could go without speaking to anyone on the phone or leaving my home socially (taking walks did not count :), and I’d regularly and very happily achieve three days at a time of solitude.

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