Train Wreck

Maybe it’s good that I didn’t hear about this before my interview today? I would have been an emotional wreck if I had! My father-in-law routinely takes that train and he was thankfully (!!!!!!) on a retreat on Wednesday instead of going to his church.

There will be prayers said for the victims and their families this Sunday…

Uncle Tom

I called home this morning to tell my parents about the 4″ of snow we’d gotten and my dad told me that Uncle Tom had died a few hours earlier. He’d been sick for a while though the doctors had given him another 5 years or so…

Here’s a picture of him at my wedding with Jon and I:

Uncle Tom: 1948-2005

Why I Love My Mom

Jen: one of my parishioners has offered to go with me to get my ears re-punched and double pierced if/when i decide to do it
Jen: apparently, i can do it in town
Mom: hmmm Lutheran Goth — not incompatible.

Early Thanksgiving

Jon and I are headed to Seattle in mid-November to see family. My mom just informed me that she and my dad, my brother, and his girlfriend are going to fly up for two days while we’re there so that we can have an early Thanksgiving.

I am shedding tears of joy right now…

Death Day

Jon’s grandmother passed away at 2:00 this morning. Keep Jon and his family in prayer, especially since his dad and aunt are both pastors and have to drop everything to deal with this. (This of course would have to happen during Confirmation weekend for them.) It was sad but it’s been coming for awhile. We’re not flying to LA for the funeral because it’s just going to be a simple graveside service and we also saw her two weeks ago and said our good-byes then.

Oh yeah… Ronald Reagan also died today.

Homer and Jethro

My parents “took delivery” on the two kittens around Easter and they finally (!!!!!!) sent me back some pictures.

Homer and Jethro napping on the afghan I made Mom last year
The young princes napping on the afghan I made Mom for Mother’s Day. Homer is the gray cat and Jethro is the tiger.

The princes stalking a Lunardi's bag.
The young princes stalking a Lunardi’s bag.