7 Quick Takes: Things I Will *NOT* Give Up For Lent Edition

7 Quick Takes

Lent starts for those of us in the West next Wednesday at midnight. Here are some things that I will *NOT* give up for Lent this year.

— 1 —

Coffee. My Lenten discipline should be penitential for *ME*, not everyone around me. It’s also a safety risk for those who have to interact with me.

— 2 —

YouTube. I need entertainment, OK?

— 3 —

Yarn. Let’s not deprive me of one of my stress releases, y’all.

— 4 —

My iPod. Again, let’s not make me get rid of one of my stress releases. Singing along to it in traffic keeps me from inflicting my road rage on others.

— 5 —

Sleep. I do this enough already!

— 6 —

Swearing. I’d be broke within the first day of having a swear jar for Lent. (I’m pretty sure my students would have a pool going as to which hour this was going to go down.)

— 7 —

Pens. I have a little bit of a pen addiction…

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7 Quick Takes: OMG I’m Hosting!!!!!!! Edition

7 Quick Takes

Our intrepid hostess Kelly of This Ain’t The Lyceum has her hands a bit full, so she asked if I could host this week. My response: SURE!

So, who exactly am I? Well…

— 1 —

I’m a blogger. This July will mark 20 years of blogging. All but maybe 2-3 months of archives are here if you ever get bored one night and want to read them. Warning: I get a little verbose on occasion.

— 2 —

I am the mama of a special kiddo. My son is Daniel and he has a genetic abnormality called 22q duplication (in addition to others) that manifests in autism, ADHD, developmental delays, mild/moderate hearing loss, and a few other things.

I am also the servant of a magnificent panther named Minion.

— 3 —

I am a $tarbux junkie. My local $tarbux baristas know me so well that they start making my drink when I walk in the door if I haven’t mobile-ordered it already and me changing my milk preference is causing a great deal of shock. (They’ve re-made it a few times with apologies and expressed shock that it was supposed to be the way it was mobile-ordered.)

— 4 —

I am a tutor. I currently tutor all the Accounting and OBT classes at Skagit Valley College. I joke that my job is to teach people how not to crash their Microsoft applications and how to love Accounting. (I was sitting next to my priest at coffee hour one time when I said that, and he made the Sign of the Cross on me before saying, “bless you, child.”)

— 5 —

I am a proud Episcopalian. I sing in my church‘s choir, serve as a lector, help with the Facebook and web presences, serve on the Finance Committee, and edit the Advent and Lenten devotional books.

— 6 —

I am a 49’ers fan. I root for the SeaChickens when they aren’t playing the Niners, but I am OVERJOYED that they shredded the Packers and are headed to the Super Bowl.

— 7 —

I am a Giants fan. I gleefully root against the LA Dodgers Losers whenever possible.

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The Simple Woman’s Daybook: January 14, 2020

The kid and I are home for a snow day (because we got a few inches of snow and Washington doesn’t know how to handle it), so I thought I’d play along this week.

For Today… January 14, 2020

Simple Woman's Daybook

Looking out my window… snowy. 22F at the moment, so the snow will be sticking around.

Snowy tree stump.

I am thinking… about the lasagna I’m making for Sunday. One of my favorite people at church can’t have gluten, so I’m using brown rice pasta, and I’m pondering how to get the meat texture in the sauce. I’m thinking of adding some carrots that I’ve put through the food processor. My cattle ranchers in Montana loved it when I made it that way and had no idea it was vegetarian until I told them, so I’m thinking it should work?

I am thankful… that my mom took care of Daniel for a bit this morning so I could sleep. He was up at 4:45 a.m. (!!!), so that was a necessity!

One of my favorite things… quiet. Unfortunately, I’m not getting that until my human child goes to sleep.

I am wearing… a charcoal colored thermal shirt and blue jeans from Old Navy. I’m actually wearing shoes for a change because being barefoot on hardwood floors is irritating my feet.

I am creating… the skeleton for the Lenten devotional book I coordinate for my parish so that I can just paste devotions in when I receive them.

I am reading… Good Omens by Sir Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman… and actually making progress because I’m doing a lot of reading while I eat.

I am hoping… Daniel and I are back to school and work tomorrow.

I am learning… patience with my child.

In my kitchen… haven’t thought about dinner yet. Maybe leftovers?

In the schoolroom… Daniel is apparently doing well with learning to type.

Post Script… here is how you can get your letters stamped with a Loveland postmark for Valentine’s Day.

Shared Quote… “Crowley had always known that he would be around when the world ended, because he was immortal and wouldn’t have any alternative. But he hoped it was a long way off. Because he rather liked people. It was major failing in a demon. Oh, he did his best to make their short lives miserable, because that was his job, but nothing he could think up was half as bad as the stuff they thought up themselves. They seemed to have a talent for it. It was built into the design, somehow. They were born into a world that was against them in a thousand little ways, and then devoted most of their energies to making it worse. Over the years Crowley had found it increasingly difficult to find anything demonic to do which showed up against the natural background of generalized nastiness. There had been times, over the past millennium, when he’d felt like sending a message back Below saying, Look we may as well give up right now, we might as well shut down Dis and Pandemonium and everywhere and move up here, there’s nothing we can do to them that they don’t do to themselves and they do things we’ve never even thought of, often involving electrodes. They’ve got what we lack. They’ve got imagination. And electricity, of course. One of them had written it, hadn’t he…’Hell is empty, and all the devils are here.'” –Terry Pratchett, Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch

A moment from my day… California kids in the snow. (Yes, Daniel is getting taller. I have a good 1-2 inches of heel on my boots, so he actually comes up farther on me normally.)

Me and my beach boy.

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7 Quick Takes: I Love the Pacific Northwest Edition

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

Bucolic joy. On Sunday morning, it was raining but the sun came out around noon. I was on my way to Trader Joe’s in Bellingham and was driving down the hill on Broad Street to get to I-5 North when I saw the most stunning sight. The sky was clear, the sun was shining, and I was high up enough to see a stretch of the Skagit River with the sunlight shimmering on the water. It filled me with awe and joy to see it. I love the Pacific Northwest.

— 2 —

First snow. We got our first snow of the year here in Mount Vernon last night and this morning. 95% of it is melted off now (just before noon), but it looked like a giant hand had sifted powdered sugar on everything this summer. It was also nice and wet snow, which was great as it made it SOOOOOO much easier to clean off my car this morning.

— 3 —

Joy from today. In the interest of keeping my intention on making time for prayer daily (other than saying grace), I’ve made sure that I have various things at my fingertips like the prayerbook from the nice folks at Sacred Space, the Trisagion, and the podcasts from the Pray As You Go folks, so that has been helpful. Today’s Pray As You Go meditation was on Luke 5:12-16, which I know better in the Gospel of Mark. It’s the story where a leper tells Jesus that he can heal the leper if he chooses, and Jesus says “I choose to.” It is one of my favorites because Jesus looks on the leper with compassion when he tells the leper that he chooses to heal him. The reflection was interesting as it was talking about whether or not we choose to let Jesus in to heal us and what we ask to be healed.

— 4 —

The Iran situation. I go to church with a couple who taught English in Iran prior to the 1979 Revolution, so the news lately has been distressing me. I’ve seen the country through their eyes, and what I’m seeing is that we just assassinated a general in another country’s military. That is a war crime. I’m angrily stunned at what has taken place.

— 5 —

The cast of MASH on this situation. This describes my feelings well.

The best explanation of my take on the impending hostilities.

— 6 —

Daniel. We’ve had a couple good days with Daniel that are like what we had prior to the beginning of 2018 when his behavior started declining, he gradually stopped eating, and we think the bowel blockage was continuing. It’s always nice to get a brief glimpse of gaining back lost ground.

— 7 —

Our anthem for Sunday. We sing this during Epiphany every year at my church and I thought I would share. The words are from a hymn sung during Lauds at the feast of the Transfiguration, and the translation is:

O Light born of Light,
Jesus, redeemer of the world,
with loving-kindness deign to receive
suppliant praise and prayer.

Thou who once deigned to be clothed in flesh
for the sake of the lost,
grant us to be members
of thy blessed body. (Source)

The recording of the hymn is here.

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The Simple Woman’s Daybook: December 15, 2019

For Today… December 15, 2019

Simple Woman's Daybook

Looking out my window… dark. It was in the 30’s today with scattered showers. No snow yet.

I am thinking… about the Lenten devotional book for church. I meet with my priest tomorrow to talk about it. I’m also thinking about the church website and how to include all the information that needs to be included and visible on the first page.

I am thankful… for a wonderful church community. I think the reason I haven’t swum the Tiber yet is that my church is so amazing and feeds me spiritually every week.

One of my favorite things… quiet. I’m waiting for Daniel to go to sleep because I need some. Thankfully, I don’t have a terribly crazy week, so that should help.

I am wearing… a long-sleeved charcoal ribbed shirt and jeans. I’m barefoot as always. Church clothes were a black and green pinstriped t-shirt dress, a black cardigan, black tights, and my black flats. I’m incredibly happy that I can get tights on Amazon.Com and that I know my size so I can get them off of Target.Com instead of having to go into the subpar Target location we have here.

I am creating… *.txt files for when I transition the church website to WordPress on Thursday.

I am listening to… the sound of the washer and dryer so I can know when to move laundry around. I also need the pajama bottoms in the dryer before I shower.

I am hoping… this week goes well and that the new dishwasher gets installed tomorrow. We’ve been without a functional dishwasher since the day after Thanksgiving.

I am learning… possibly how to create a MySQL database from scratch.

In my kitchen… God knows. Probably my favorite pesto pasta from Trader Joe’s.

Post Script… I tell my students this soooo often! I also tell them to date any handouts they get and read their syllabi carefully.

Shared Quote… “Read all the words, not just the ones you like.” — my Accounting instructor

I may or may not quote this to my students daily.

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7 Quick Takes: Why I Am Tired Edition

7 Quick Takes

Only five takes today because I’m exhausted.

Also, just a head’s up that this post contains Amazon affiliate links.

— 1 —

This is my reality. I live in an area with a lot of people who may/may not be documented.

— 2 —

22q clinic appointment. It was a long day. Thankfully, the psychologist we saw cued the team to the fact that Daniel was going to lose his Jesus if he had to stay in an exam room until 5:00, so they came and walked around Ocean 8 with us (outpatient clinic floor) with us. They also came as fast as they could in succession. We got out around 3:30 instead of 5:00 or 5:30. We got bits of good advice, and we have a referral to a medical genetics specialist because there are a few other clinically-significant genetic “differences” that need to be looked at.

They’re also going to try and get some genetic tests for me to find out if I’m the 22q person and also to see if there is some clinically-significant stuff for me. They’ll have to send me to the UW for that though because Seattle Children’s only deals with kids.

— 3 —

Advent devotional book. I’m putting together an Advent devotional book for church and I got everybody’s devotions from them last week and this week. I’m happy that I only had to write 5 of them (out of 25). Still, it’s a lot of work, and I have to talk to our treasurer on Sunday about getting it printed at Office Depot.

— 4 —

Work. Most of my work this week was teaching my Accounting students how to sort through inventory valuation in a perpetual inventory system… which was relatively new to me because my book normally had periodic inventory for the problems. The college-transferable course does perpetual inventory, which I kind of like better because you’re keeping a running tally of what you have. My only complaint about the book and software program is that the tables for inputting the information do not make a good separation between the days, so the Inventory on Hand column kind of runs together.

At least I was able to teach myself how to do it relatively quickly!

— 5 —

Insomnia. I haven’t been sleeping super well lately, so mornings have been horrible. I didn’t have anything after Daniel’s occupational therapy appointment this morning, so I drove to the local park-and-ride and listened to today’s Pray As You Go devotion… and ended up falling asleep for 90 minutes. It was kind of nice actually, and I might have to unplug myself again next Friday and go find a place to curl up and read. I’ve got a few books to finish… or in which I need to catch up.

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The Simple Woman’s Daybook: September 23, 2019

For Today… September 23, 2019

Simple Woman's Daybook

Looking out my window… grey. We had a rainy day today, and it was lovely.

I am thinking… about things related to my pre-op appointment and how to deal with getting my family information if both of my parents need to be home with Daniel on surgery day, leaving me at the hospital alone. (The surgery isn’t until October 8th.)

I am thankful… that my pre-op appointment went well and there was no pelvic exam involved!

One of my favorite things… quiet. It’s not happening for another two hours given Daniel being sick with the cold going around his class and me having to give him fluids in small doses every 30 minutes so he doesn’t cough his meds up. #gtubekidproblems

I am wearing… jammies. Clothes today were a long-sleeved blue shirt and jeans.

I am creating… letters and an Advent devotional booklet. Oh… I’m also making lovely progress on my nephew’s baby/big boy blankie.

I am reading… Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. It’s delightful, so much so that I really don’t want to watch the TV series.

I am hoping… Daniel doesn’t puke up anything tomorrow morning and make me miss my doctor’s appointment.

I am learning… that I really need to practice better sleep hygiene. (Sleep hygiene is defined as turning off electronics and doing things to create a better sleeping environment.)

In my kitchen… defrosting some pesto and tomato linguine from Trader Joe’s.

In the school room… Daniel is happy to be back at school after being out sick on Friday.

Post Script… this is the apple cake I made for church on Sunday.

Shared Quote… “[describing Crowley] An Angel who did not so much Fall as Saunter Vaguely Downwards.” – Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett, Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch

A moment from my day… Duuuuuuude…

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