31 Days of My World As It Is Sung: The Current Baseball Playoffs

31 Days of My World As It Is Sung

Currently in the ALDS/NLDS…

-I can’t decide who should win in the matchings with the Yankees vs. Indians because they both apparently have contracts with Satan. (I mean, hello? Cleveland sports teams SUCK as a rule! There has to be a Shoeless Joe thing going on there!) I’d kind of like both teams to disappear in a puff of smoke.

-I’m wishing the Astros weren’t doing so well because Texas. Still, I’d prefer them in any match-up with the Yankees or Indians.

-I think I’m rooting for the Cubs a little bit over the Nats. I’ll definitely be rooting like hell for the winner to take out the Dodgers. I mean, the Dodgers in the World Series? The freaking state of California is on fire trying to prevent this!!! Hoping that the Cubs or Nats #BeatLA!