31 Days of My World As It Is Sung: The Party

31 Days of My World As It Is Sung

So the party ended and it was lovely. We had 18 people at the house for dinner and it was kind of funny. I was sitting at the table with my twin brother, his wife, my friend Chad, and grandma… and all of a sudden people descended on the house and the volume in the downstairs exploded! Grandma was very much with it yesterday and talking to people one-on-one. We think she really enjoyed being the belle of the ball.

Food was goulash, spaetzle, cabbage, beans, salad, and cake with two kinds of ice cream for dessert. We had half of a sheet cake and we managed to knock almost all of it out. (We did send home pieces with people.)

All in all, it was a wonderful gathering and I’m glad we could have that many people under one roof again for the first time in a few years.