7 Quick Takes: More on Water Restrictions, House Fires, and Hobbes’ Adventures in Tampa

a7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

Apparently, the rich are different. For those who came back this week after my snarky post on the drought and water restrictions, I have a somewhat funny story for you: after Gov. Jerry Brown (all hail!) called for serious water restrictions, usage in the rich enclave of Rancho Santa Fe actually went *UP*. The reason: residents are of the opinion that “we’re not all equal when it comes to water.” I find it funny in a “you can’t make this up” way, not in a humorous way. The joke is on them, however, because serious water restrictions will be enforced on them starting on July 1st. I think I’ll have to grab a cooler, some snacks from Trader Joe’s, an iced vanilla latté, and go watch peoples’ heads explode when they realize how much water they have to cut that day. And because I’m going to have to turn in my liberal ID card if I don’t post this [/sarcasm], here’s an opinion on this from the Daily Kos.

— 2 —

Excuse me while I puke. Rick Santorum used the shooting in Charleston to try and score some political points. I’ve heard a few people excuse it saying that he was speaking broadly about assaults on religious liberty in this country but I’m not buying it unless he wants to add on shootings at a Sikh temple and a mosque onto it. Besides, the gunman very clearly made statements to the people in the church about how it was aimed toward them as African-Americans.

Seriously, co-opting this to score “religious liberty” points sickens me. It’s highly inappropriate and it devalues the deaths to the family members.

— 3 —

Hot weather food. As I’m sitting here eating my sushi from Trader Joe’s because it’s too hot to cook, I’m wondering what y’all do for “hot weather food”. Mind sharing in the comments? Please and thank you. 🙂

— 4 —

Hobbes tours Tampa’s airport without Calvin. A boy accidentally left his stuffed tiger at the Tampa airport and the airport staff took it on an adventure.

— 5 —

I swear that I am not making this up. Last Monday, a house around the corner from my parents caught on fire and when I was googling the link to send to my in-laws, I found this story. The title (“No Joke: Doctors, Realtor, Pastor Go For a Run, Extinguish House Fire”) sounds like the opening to a joke but it’s legit.

— 6 —

Because I am a COPS junkie! During that house fire in my parents’ neighborhood, various streets were blocked off (including the entrance to ours) due to the fire trucks present and this meant that people couldn’t get between two major streets. (The street with the fire goes between them and a lot of people take it at warp speed to shave off a few minutes. It’s why there are a ton of traffic cameras and speed traps on it, considering that it’s a pretty quiet residential street otherwise.) Anyway, a woman tried to shoot between two fire trucks and got pulled over. She then decided to argue with the cop. My mom was standing on the corner with some neighbors watching the fire and happened to catch this exchange and she told me that said cop took his sweet time running all of her information and getting back to her. I’m kind of bummed to have missed it because I would probably have been sitting there with some granola (it apparently took place around 8 a.m.) and watched the drama unfold. Then again, it’s probably better that I wasn’t there because Daniel would have been with me and both of our lungs would have been pretty irritated by the smoke. (We took a walk after the fire was out and I realized halfway through that I needed my inhaler pretty badly… because I have absolutely no common sense. Mr. Preemie Reactive Airway, thankfully, was fine)

— 7 —

Prayer request. Could you please pray for a special intention? Please and thank you!

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3 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes: More on Water Restrictions, House Fires, and Hobbes’ Adventures in Tampa

  1. Praying for your intention! and 2 reminds me of the people who bring up abortion during crisis times. Ugh.

  2. 1. Um. Wow. I am stunned at the ignorance and entitlement. Just wow.
    2. Awful. The “assault” was on innocent people praying by a white supremacist… not an assault on religious liberties. Idiot.
    4. Saw that story earlier… thought it was the cutest thing ever!! So sweet. Nice to see happy news stories every now and then.
    5. Funny story about the runners 🙂

  3. That second link on #1 makes me want to explode. The penalty should be to tie them to a chair while Pope Francis reads his encyclical to them.

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