7 Quick Takes: Five Day Weekend!

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

Halloween costumes. I couldn’t find kitty ears and a tail anywhere else so I finally broke down and went to a Spirit Halloween superstore. I was able to find a tail and ears without a problem as well as a black hooded cape for Daniel. I’m trying to figure out what he should be. Ideas?

— 2 —

Checking out the feline angle. I think this is further proof that cats exist in a liquid state.

What acute kitty!

— 3 —

Some Halloween grammar Nazi fun. I think this is a lovely illustration of a common grammar mistake.

Some good old-fashioned fun with grammar.

— 4 —

Almost done. I only have 5 posts left for the Write 31 Days challenge. I’m glad I was able to go all month this year (I had to bail after 17 days last year because of my unplanned move to northern California) though I’m also kind of glad that it’s ending because it’s been hard at times to find time to write on days when I have a fair amount of homework.

If you haven’t read any of the entries, go here.

— 5 —

Update on the mutant death virus. I’m definitely better than last week but all the crud in my chest has exacerbated my asthma enough that I went to see the doctor this morning to see if we could formulate a plan to keep me out of the ER. She took one listen to my lungs and announced that she would be putting me on a Z-pack and that I would need to be taking my inhaler every 4-6 hours for the next week. (Yay inhaler shakes!)

Prayers for healing of this mutant death virus would be appreciated. Please and thank you!

— 6 —

More adventures with my “pretty notebook”. Various people commented that I needed psychiatric help when they saw how detailed and colorful my Chapter 4 outline was for my Accounting class. Well… it paid off for me because I had to miss class last Thursday due to illness but had no problems doing the homework because I had drawn all of the necessary diagrams in my notebook. 😀 I also managed to put together an Excel worksheet for three of the problems with formulas that could be copied across multiple columns. #winning

— 7 —

Double rainbows. The storms we had on Tuesday and Wednesday brought some amazingly brilliant double rainbows. It’s been fabulous. 🙂

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  1. Piecing together children’s Halloween costumes are one of the biggest puzzles of my life! As soon as it gets to be too much, I start shopping the house and they are stuck with a costume from whatever I can come up with there. 😉

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