7 Quick Takes: Peg Saints, Minions, and LeBron James Edition

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

Peg saints. My friend Amanda of Worthy of Agape has a shop selling peg saints and she recently announced a saint subscription set list.

(I don’t receive anything for publicizing this — I just happen to have gotten to meet Amanda in January and I like her. :D)

— 2 —

Minion update #1. My little black beastling got his first taste of catnip on Tuesday night and it had an entertaining effect on him. It’s amazing how much noise a little black kitten can make having zoomies around the house and up and down the stairs! I think every cat toy in the house got killed 3-4 times over before he finally crashed off of his catnip high.

My little critter is also claiming he had no knowledge of the “no kittens on the table” rule despite being removed from the table multiple times. (He also claims not to understand that it applies to the kitchen table as well as the dining room table.)

— 3 —

Duolingo. While reading this article on the Klingon language, I saw that they even have a course for it on Duolingo and decided to teach myself Spanish this summer because my only academic class is a 1-credit class that is a requirement for everyone graduating with an ATA from my school. (It’s called “Job Search” and it helps us build a resume, write cover letters, interview well, and write lovely thank-you notes for any interviews we receive.) The website has a surprisingly large number of languages people can learn and people who are bilingual can contribute to the development of courses for different languages they speak.

— 4 —

Minion update #2. The little miscreant is having turbo insane zoomies and is trying to beat up our 14-year-old tiger cat Jethro… who is at least three times Minion’s size. Jet is being a gentleman and just smacking him every so often, but Mom and I are laughing because Jethro did this to Trail Kitty, my parents’ deceased Maine Coon Cat when Jet was a kitten. What goes around comes around, Jethro!

— 5 —

I shouldn’t laugh… but I am. Some Trump supporters got a bit irritated at NPR for tweeting propaganda yesterday. The name of the piece sounds familiar…


— 6 —

Prerequisite take on hating various sports teams. LeBron James is headed to the LA Lakers. I can still rag on him because I hate on southern California teams just as much as I hate on Cleveland teams… because southern California is too hot, ugly, and overpopulated. Also… IT’S NOT NORTHERN CALIFORNIA AND WE WISH THE SOUTH WOULD FREAKING SECEDE ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is all.

— 7 —

Minion update #3. I just went downstairs and collected my little black bear cat. He has calmed down a little bit… by which I mean that he is no longer thundering up and down the stairs and beating up my leg. Such a silly little monster!

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