7 Quick Takes: I Need A Nap Badly Edition

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

Seattle Children’s Appointment #1. I’ve touched in the last 6 weeks on Daniel deciding to stop eating. Well… he decided to start puking up his meds as well. This was not a medicine reaction but a behavioral one (gotta love autism!) and to keep from having to clean carpets nightly or mop floors twice a day, we had to start limiting what he could have several hours before meds were taken. That drops calories significantly and he had lost a couple pounds by Monday when we got to the hospital for the nutritionist appointment. R, his nutritionist, had kittens and went off to consult with one of the gastroenterologists in clinic about whether or not to admit him. My mom was watching me in order to see if I was about to have a panic attack. I was just sitting there mentally calculating what I needed her to bring back down to me from home. (Seattle Children’s is a good hour away without traffic and there would have been some hideous rush hour traffic involved.)

The good news: the gastroenterologist declined to admit him and we were sent home with our marching orders and warnings of what refeeding syndrome looks like. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Our G-I PA of Awesomeness has gotten us an expedited pre-anesthesia appointment/general surgery consult for a G-tube and we had imaging stuff done for that today.

— 2 —

ESY. ESY (extended school year — it’s summer school for kiddos with special needs) started this week. Daniel had to miss Thursday for his audiology appointment and I felt bad about that because he LOVESLOVESLOVES school.

— 3 —

Minion update. Minion continues to be completely and utterly psycho in a kittenish way. He likes to climb chairs, walk across tables, sit on laptops, and Mom has even found him in her bathroom cabinet! (The Greenies are kept in there.) He even decided to void his adoption contract and follow me outside yesterday. (Part of his adoption contract was that he would remain an indoor kitty.) Apparently, he forgot to read that clause in the contract and decided to take a stroll through the dahlias and the grass. Mama is allergic to grass and black kittens (oops!) so he had to be bathed to keep me from turning into a giant hive. (We’ve known about the cat allergy as long as we’ve known that I have a touch allergy to grass. I get shots for both weekly and my previous allergist even used to ask about how my cats were doing.)

Beastling had a vet appointment this morning and our vet techs and the vet of the day were happy to see him again. (Apparently, they used to take him out of his enclosure and play with him when he was at the vet waiting to be adopted.) He is now almost 4 lbs of black furry insanity and doing well. He got two shots and we’re just watching him super closely for a reaction.

— 4 —

Summer class update. I had my resume rough draft due this week in addition to an assignment where we were coming up with phrases to describe aspects of things employers want. I was sweating both assignments and just got the grades back: 100% on each of them. I was stunned! Along with my perfect score on my assignment from last week, I have 100% in the class.

— 5 —

Seattle Children’s Appointment #2 This one was for Audiology and we had to be at Seattle Children’s at 9… which meant leaving the house at 6:45 a.m. so that we had time to grab coffee. (Rush hour in Seattle is worse than any traffic I’ve seen in LA, the Bay Area, or Sacramento.) The audiologist had an assistant who went in and helped with Daniel. I had to go in and sit with him after a while because he started getting teary in the anechoic chamber, but he was able to make it through the hearing test. He did show mild hearing loss in one ear and mild/moderate in the other. These results are going to enable us to get him new hearing aids this fall. Mom and I were stunned by how well he did — it was like, “who is this kid?!?!?!?”

— 6 —

Seattle Children’s Appointment #3 This was an upper G-I x-ray to rule out any issues keeping my kiddo from eating. It was another morning where we had to be at Seattle Children’s at 9 and it was also one of those times where my kid had to be NPO after midnight so he didn’t get his ADHD meds until AFTER the x-ray. Oyyyyyy…

Between my mom and the radiology tech holding him in place, the Child Life person showing him Daniel Tiger on an iPad, and me shooting contrast into his mouth, we got it done. Not something I want to repeat any time soon and he’s been out-of-sorts for two days because of the delayed ADHD meds. Gah.

— 7 —

Duolingo update. I’m loving Duolingo and the way it is set up as it is making me feel pretty confident in my Spanish. Because I’m a language geek, I’ve also added French (well… reviewing it) and Irish. (Irish actually makes sense structurally from a French perspective.) I’m trying Arabic through Memrise and not liking it as much.

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