Comparisons To 30 Years In The Past

This morning, two younger people (as in people my age) were sitting in the back at Church #2. When we were outside after the service, I introduced myself to the guy and he told me that he was here with a friend. The friend turned out to be the younger sister of a soldier from our area that was killed in March. The conversation went something like this.

J: Jen
S: Sister

J: It was good to see you in church today.
S: Thanks. I like coming here but it’s really hard right now.
J: Why? *realizes that her late brother is probably the reason*
S: *in a whisper* Because of [late brother].
J: Well… you are always welcome anytime, tears or no tears. If you come and you feel like you need to cry, I know that there will people to sit with you.

It made me think about my parents’ generation who dealt with this while the Vietnam War was going on. I know that my in-laws and my parents all lost friends when they were in college because those people were killed in Vietnam.

Strange how history repeats itself…

Blogathon Over

It was 24 hours of crocheting, caffeine, coming up with stimulating writing, strange IRC conversations, listening to music I don’t usually hear, and a strange sense of community with other bloggers who I don’t encounter in my normal travels.

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