quieting myself

today was *soooooo* slow at work. by the time i left at 3, we’d maybe had four busy points and very few customers. i wonder why. i know that the harry potter hype is over but we still used to have more customers. i’m finding that i am getting quieter in my advancing age. i’m getting more introverted and i’m wondering if this has always been the case and i’ve just not realized it or if it’s a result of the depression. i love just being in my room and working on things. i do love being around people but it isn’t energizing like it is for jon or susanna.

in my quiet time, i was reading through ephesians 2:11-22 and judges 6:11-32. it was a reminder that God is with us through everything and that as a result, we should try to be a cohesive body as far as giving praise to Him. i’m not saying that all of us should worship in the same fashion and with the same liturgy and music — i’m saying that we should be more concerned with uniting in simply *worshipping Him*, not figuring out which method God prefers. i’m sick of hearing about worship wars concerning the type of music, the prayers used, the people leading,…

still waiting to hear about my housing. i may not know until next week. i just really pray for peace so i can wait!!!