wrist sprain AGAIN!!!!

well… i managed to re-sprain my wrist yesterday and this time worse than i had originally. i was processing a shipment because we had frozen stuff that needed to be put in the freezer. small problem: there isn’t enough room to swing a cat in the freezer, let alone fit all that food in there. so i was rearranging stuff trying to find space and a box fell on me. i blocked it with my right hand and ended up re-spraining my wrist. of course, maeoll chose that time to leave and erik chose that time to go on lunch. argh!!!!! i worked 2? more hours and then left in tears. i feel really stupid because i lost my composure in front of matt and vanessa. (like they’re going to re-hire me now…) i also just couldn’t stop crying because i was injured and i couldn’t do anything about it. mom and dad and sean had no way of understanding the stuff i was going through last night. sigh… well… at least they let me see dr. badhwar. it was wonderful to see her again and she didn’t make me wait 3? hours. i really miss having her as a physician because she really cares about her patients.