no more café

well… i managed to find out my schedule after bugging vanessa. (bob had gone home for the day.) i feel really bad since i know that she had other things to do but i also needed to know what was gonna happen and nobody was feeling like letting me know. john and ed were really cool about it. a bed in heaven be to them! (to quote ann the sarcastic grandmother i never had). i’m working later than i like but hey, i’m working. woohoo!!!!! i also got another day with jon which is pretty cool. i think i also needed the break from work for my own sanity. i’ve been looking at “day tripper”which is a really cool blog. maybe i should put mine up on my cats site like noe’s is.

during my devo time, i was reading john 11:17-44 (the lazarus story) and it brought to mind the question Jesus asks mary in the passage. He asks her if she believes, and my response is, “YES LORD!!!!!” (ok… i’m capitalizing. this *must* be important.:) ) yes, i believe. yes, i know that You are the way, the truth, and the life (john 14:6). yes, i place my trust in You. yes, i know that You are the messiah. yes, i believe that You give me life. yes, i believe that You died for me. now if i can only apply that to my housing situation… (i.e. yes, i believe that You will get me housing that is affordable and on campus or close to it!!!)