crazy day

please remind me not to pray for a busy day in the café again! i was alone in the café for 4? hours today because maeoll overslept. it was almost solid customers too. i was really thankful for debbie and bob since they stepped in and helped me get some really little but important things done so that i was free to wait on customers. the rest of the day was pretty easy since we had enough people in the café.

i really hope that i can manage the schedule that i’m taking this fall. i’m taking two upper-division classes and a lower division history class taught by cindy. i should technically be taking an upper division history class so that i can satisfy the requirements for history 194x (my senior seminar) but the history department might give me a permission code to work around that. i probably should have taken lynn westercamp’s class but i heard so many nasty things about her and her teaching style that i decided to do politics instead (and got stuck with craig parsons, a newly-minted ph.d professor — not a great alternative). maybe english history will satisfy the requirements and hopefully it’s open and i can work religion in there somehow. history 122 was a religious history class as is history 33. since i need to take history 194x this winter, i might have a better chance at getting that permission code.

i’m also realizing that i need to learn more patience. sean is on the phone with trisha and i feel like i’m pacing like a six year-old waiting for it. jon probably isn’t going to call until 10 or 10:30 but i’m still panicking. doesn’t it always work out that the two of us get to talk anyhow? i spend so much needless time and energy worrying that it just stresses me out more. she’s also sick and needs sean more than i need jon right now. bad jen!

my qt readings for today really spoke to me as far as my worrying about housing. my campus journal reading for today was isaiah 55:6-9 and it talks about seeking the Lord and the fact that our thoughts are not His thoughts and our ways are not His ways. (translation: God’s timetable is not the same as jen’s timetable and jen needs to learn that she is not the one runnig the universe. a lesson that is being painfully taught to me.) He is a wonderful provider and i wish that i could just really trust that He would give me housing. i’ve been told to nag darlene but i’m not sure that i really want to do that.