maybe this isn’t so bad,,,

this wrist thing is starting to be a blessing in disguise. jon and i are getting lots of time together and this includes time to pray together and to talk. i really miss the way things were during winter and spring quarter where the two of us could talk via yahoo messenger for hours. i know that this will come to an end but it’s nice for right now.

i think i also needed the break from working café. it was getting stressful and i was having problems handling the stress. i really dreaded going into work with maeoll and it wasn’t fun opening alone either. i love many of the customers but it was getting tough to serve some of them (like the managers from service merchandise — hello… i don’t do phone orders and extra-hot drinks are not safe to make, let alone consume). i also just stressed out about getting everything done. there was always something to do, we were always out of something… i think my nerves needed a break also.

in my odb reading, i read part of the sermon on the mount which talked about salt and light (matthew 5:13-16). i didn’t know about the context of the verse until now and it’s really interesting. i didn’t know that the farmers used salt to help their crops. (then again, it was a combination of things and not just pure sodium chloride.) it’s interesting. it raises the question of whether i’m salty enough. the purpose of the verse is to remind us that we need to flavor ourselves with God so that it fulfills verse 16. great… now i have part of “shine” by the newsboys going through my head… 🙂