December 2018

7 Quick Takes: What’s Been Going On Edition

— 1 — December 18. Daniel had an appointment at the Center for Pediatric Dentistry in Seattle. Verdict: there will be a sedated exam where they can do x-rays, an exam, and a cleaning as well as fix anything that needs to be fixed. This is pretty much exactly what I expected. The dental resident …
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7 Quick Takes: G-Tube Questions Edition

Daniel has had his G-tube for four months now, so I thought I would answer some of the questions I have gotten from people about it. — 1 — How easy is it to change the tube? I have only done one change (November 9th, three months post-surgery), and I had a nurse giving me …
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7 Quick Takes: Why I’m Tired Edition

— 1 — It’s my Friday. I work Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. It was a pretty intense week because finals have been released and students are panicking. I can’t help any of them other than pointing out what they are allowed to use if they get stuck. Thankfully, one of the instructors was present on …
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The Simple Woman’s Daybook: December 2, 2018

For Today… December 2, 2018 Looking out my window… dark. It was sunny, but chilly today. I am thinking… about how to work it so that I get the maximum number of assessments done on the computers in F110 for Keyboarding. I tend to be faster on those than on my laptop. I am thankful… …
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