7 Quick Takes: Late Night Edition

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

Integrated projects. I turned my first Capstone Case Study in on Sunday. I was talking to my instructor on Wednesday while she was grading them and she told me I had done very well.

My response: “By your standards or mine?”

She laughed. (I had gotten 109.5 out of 110, which is excellent by her standards while I was bugged by the 0.5 point I had lost.) She created an optional discussion post where we could post part of our case study (in this case, a flier for a yurt tour) and it has been fascinating to see what people put together for it.

— 2 —

Mea culpa, Lord. Sleep deprivation and stress have led to me feeling like I was going to have a panic attack multiple times this week. On Wednesday, I came home after my tutoring shift and did noon prayer (about 2 1/2 hours late) which was helpful. I also felt like the Spirit was reminding me that I need to pray about things a lot more often. (Admittedly, my prayer life sucks right now.)

— 3 —

God speaking to me through music. One of the way God breaks through the armadillo shell I seem to have around my soul these days is music. Unapologetically Episcopalian shared this piece on their Facebook page on Wednesday afternoon and it was needed.

— 4 —

Update on the kid. Because I am a slacker mom, I forgot to schedule my beastling for a weight check today (it *IS* technically Friday). If I can’t get him in briefly at our pediatrician up here, I’ll just stick him on a scale at home and see if he’s gaining appropriately.

He’s drinking his gazazzapop (“gazazzapop” being a word my grandpa used for a liquid without a name) willingly and I can’t wait until summer when we can space it out over the course of a day, rather than having to fit three boxes in between when he gets home from school and when he goes to sleep.

— 5 —

Linguistics geeking. This sounds interesting.

— 6 —

Yet another distraction. Finding out about this is not a good thing for my productivity…

— 7 —

Good night. My snuggle buddy has declared that he would like my chest, so I am signing off. Sleep well, y’all!

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