7 Quick Takes: CLEVELAND LOST!!!!! Edition

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

Refer to title please. 🙂 My hometown boys (the Warriors) SWEPT the Cavs in the NBA Finals. That’s three NBA Championships in four years. 2016 (Cleveland’s ONLY championship win) was indeed a one-off (and a very last minute victory given that they have ONE good player).

And yes, I do enjoy hating on Cleveland sports. 🙂

— 2 —

This describes me so well. I saw this on the Book of Faces this week and seem to have found a new favorite word.


— 3 —

Wow. This past Wednesday (the 6th) marked my last in-person class for my program. Everything else is either online or part of my internship this fall. It’s bittersweet because while I’m happy that the quarter is winding down, I’m going to miss my classmates. We’ve been together for 1-2 years (depending on where people are in their programs)

— 4 —

Leaving an evangelical cult. I’m conjecturing that Dawn (the speaker) is a cousin of Elizabeth Esther. It was interesting to watch.

— 5 —

Daniel update. His gazzazzapop is giving him a weight gain of at least 1 lb per week, which is good as it is taking the threat of an NG tube off the table. He’s fighting against having to drink it, but he doesn’t get a choice at the moment because they are the only calories he is currently getting. (The little beast stopped eating solid food.)

— 6 —

Music take #1. Here is something calming that I like while working on homework.

— 7 —

Music take #2. This is a favorite from her latest album.

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  1. I listen to Loreena’s “All Souls Night” on repeat whenever I need to concentrate on grading – she’s a great musician. I had a hard time grading for a few years and it’s because I forgot the music in the background. It really helps me focus.

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