7 Quick Takes: Cat on a Window Screen Edition

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

Let the blogger cage fight begin! Bonnie is doing the Sheenazing Awards again this year after a hiatus of several years and is taking nominations until July 21st.

— 2 —

Sigh… I learned a new thing last night: my window screen cannot sustain the weight of a 4 lb kitten. *glares at Minion*

— 3 —

This explains a lot. Arabic has been irritating me and this is probably why. I’m also not loving Memrise so I will probably wait until the course on Duolingo is done being developed.

— 4 —

WANT! Mint chocolate is one of my weaknesses, so these are on my WANT(!!!) List.

— 5 —

Daniel update. His upper G-I x-ray came back normal so next on the agenda will be the nutrition appointment on the 23rd and surgeon consult/pre-anesthesia appointment on the 24th.

— 6 —

For historical clothing lovers… I recommend this YouTube playlist.

— 7 —

Whoa. This is amazing.

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