June 2018

7 Quick Takes: End of School, Additions to the Family, and The GOP Are Not Pro-Life Edition

— 1 — What the actual [expletive]?!?!?!?!? Please tell me how separating kids from their mothers and keeping kids in kennel enclosures is appropriate, especially by politicians who happen to be pro-life. I freaking dare you! Don’t believe me? Here are two articles from the Seattle Times on the subject: Rep. Jayapal meets 174 asylum-seeking …
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7 Quick Takes: CLEVELAND LOST!!!!! Edition

— 1 — Refer to title please. 🙂 My hometown boys (the Warriors) SWEPT the Cavs in the NBA Finals. That’s three NBA Championships in four years. 2016 (Cleveland’s ONLY championship win) was indeed a one-off (and a very last minute victory given that they have ONE good player). And yes, I do enjoy hating …
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