Flattened (IV)

Things are better today. I haven’t cried… yet.

[+] Daniel had a minor episode last night (and the thought is that I was probably at dinner at the time) but not anything that required epinephrine and all. Our goal for this shift has been that he stay stable and not have any big desaturations of his O2.

[+] Our social worker brought me yarn and a crochet hook. Sweet! Mom and I are going to go yarn shopping tomorrow to get some in the same colorway so I can make a baby blanket or something. It will probably be donated to Project Linus when all is said and done.

[+] Our social worker also got me a day pass to the local Ronald McDonald house so I could shower and have a place to go decompress. It was hard to leave the unit to do it (I’m still nervous about Daniel doing something when I’m gone) but I did go shower and chill with the volunteers. The Ronald McDonald houses are AMAZING and a charity I will seriously support when this situation with Daniel is over. It was almost bringing me to tears how generous people are there — there are donations of food/toiletries/baby formula/crocheted hats for the families and while they ask for a donation each night that the family stays there, they don’t turn away families if they can’t pay.

[+] I’m reminded of the quote attributed to Mother Teresa (is she a saint yet?): “I know God won’t give me anything I can’t handle. I just wish He didn’t trust me so much.”

[+] Daniel’s resident last night and I were joking about “the rules”: No suctioning him/no turning him/no bathing him/no looking at him cross-eyed! Only bear stories and songs! (I love N. She is wonderful.) I don’t know who the night nurse is going to be but the attending on the unit tonight is one I like.

[+] When I went down for dinner tonight, they were pretty much down to the dregs of the clam chowder and the server apologized. I took the dregs anyway, paid for my food, and went to eat. About the time I got to my chowder, the server came out and handed me a bowl of fresh stuff that had been reserved for the patients. Dude…