Flattened (IX)

[+] They finally had a bed available on the pediatric unit (a.k.a. the floor) yesterday afternoon. We’re sharing a room with a 9 month old boy.

[+] Daniel did not pass a liquid swallow test so he’s only allowed purees. Thankfully, the kitchen staff at UC Davis Medical Center actually *shape* the food like what the person is supposed to be eating so it’s palatable. He had chicken for the first time and we’ve discovered a love of vanilla pudding.

[+] My parents are up today and after Daniel and I took a nap and I had lunch, we went with Daniel to the playroom where he sat up and played a bit. He also took a few steps holding on to my hands. This is good news — he’s still pretty weak but he hasn’t lost any muscle knowledge.

[+] Time for mommy cuddles and book-reading!