Flattened (VIII)

[+] Daniel had a grumpy day yesterday in which he was really irritated when he was awake. This might be just him feeling sick and having less meds in him to make him happy, it might be the weaning off the drugs he was on when he was on the ventilator, or it could just be him feeling icky. It was hard for me because I couldn’t really do anything to calm him down.

[+] Speech therapy came when he was trying to go back down for a nap so he didn’t pass his swallow test. Hopefully, he’ll pass it today so he can start having bottles and stuff by mouth.

[+] He’s getting his central line (the IV in the artery in his groin) out today and may be able to move to a regular pediatrics unit. This is both a good thing and something that is terrifying me. It also means that he’ll be starting on Lovenox shots and he may have to go home on those. Please pray that he doesn’t — I’m not feeling good vibrations about having to give him shots.

[+] I’m menstrual so I’m hyper-emotional. This is meaning that I’m sitting here in the cafeteria wanting to cry about all of this. I’m used to life on the PICU (as bizarre as that sounds) and I’m terrified of change. I think I’m also terrified of taking Daniel home and doing this on my own. (I just gave in and got some chocolate. At breakfast.)