Flattened (V)

[+] Mom and Dad were up today as well as Jon. It was good for Dad to see Daniel and find out how all the machines worked. (He’s an engineer — it’s how he copes.)

[+] Mom and I went to Michaels to get yarn. We couldn’t find the same color that the social worker had given me yesterday so we got 5 skeins of Red Heart yarn in the French Country color. My family is referring to it as Cub Scout cammo because it’s blues and yellows.

[+] Daniel behaved long enough for us to go out to dinner. We went to Sudwerks Riverside and I had a really great hummus plate.

[+] I’m missing my bear. I’m missing him babbling, him fast-crawling, him getting into everything… I want to be able to kiss his hair and smell baby shampoo or cuddle him and clap nursery rhymes with him. It’s really hard right now and I’m having to trust that it will get better.

[+] Mom took lots of pictures and a couple movies. I’m putting a cut here so that those who would be traumatized by the sight of Daniel with tubes can avoid that. It’s tough to see but he’s not in pain and he’s just in a medication-induced hibernation.

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