Flattened (XI)

[+] Little dude passed his swallow study and will hopefully get his tube out today or tomorrow. I’m trying to keep the liquids going at the moment, now that he’s allowed to have them again. He’d rather be moving and out than hydrating himself so I’m having to make stuff up to the tune of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” to sing to him while we have “baba time”.

[+] Our roommate’s family is annoying me. They are having loud conversations in Spanish at all hours and they bogarted some of Daniel’s baby food today and then lied about it. I’m wondering why the kid isn’t in the PICU because his O2 alarm goes off frequently and the numbers are less than stellar.

[+] We’re trying to get two bottles of Pediasure down Daniel’s throat today. We’re currently at just over one bottle.

[+] Discharge is looking like it will be tomorrow. We’re going to have to make trips back here to the Coumadin Clinic to follow Daniel’s Lovenox dosing and shots. Not my preference but I guess it’s what we’ll have to do.