Flattened (XIV)

Daniel has been home for almost two weeks but I’m still… flattened.

[+] I met with the case worker for Medi-Cal today and she was great — she treated me like a person and we did everything we could to get the case closed with what I had on me today. Unfortunately, she does need some more documentation. Drats!

[+] I’ve had a definite “pain day” today. Fibro really sucks. There’s no two ways about it.

[+] People have been telling me how wonderful I am and how amazing I handled the situation with Daniel. Thing is… other than two people from Metanoia, I don’t think anyone knows about the tears I shed, the helpless feelings, the angst, and anything else I went through. Our organist had no idea that I didn’t go home at night — she thought I commuted every day. I couldn’t commute with Daniel at this age — I honestly didn’t feel like I could leave him and I don’t think there’s a person out there who would fault me for that. Granted, I did leave the hospital to go out to dinner three times and to go to Michael’s once as well as showers every 3-4 days. (If it tells you guys how intense things were, showering was not a priority.)

There’s a video that fits my life…