Flattened (VI)

I’m not totally flattened anymore — I’m just really spacey from my sleep being so disturbed.

[+] Daniel got extubated today. (Translation: no more ventilator and no more breathing tube.) He’s also being weaned off his sedatives which means that he’s getting more aware and thus able to participate in more mischief and mayhem. I forsee restraints in his future, especially tomorrow, if they can’t get a peds crib in here.

[+] Mr. Blue Eyes has gained about 6 lbs in fluid in the last week, mostly in his right leg and groin region from his central line. I couldn’t believe how heavy he was when I was cuddling him tonight. Diaper changes are going to be a blast until the fluid build-up clears. It’s good that we stocked up on size 4 diapers!!!

[+] When I came back from dinner, there was a Baby Looney Tunes DVD on. The nurse (who I wasn’t totally fond of like I am of most of the staff on the unit) explained that he did better with music. I decided to break out the iTunes so we’ve been chilling to Anonymous 4 and Fernando Ortega tonight. It’s given me some chances to sing to him. Our night nurse is all in favor and she is doting on him like nothing else. (She’d like to take him home thankyouverymuch, especially after the little monster batted his eyes at her.)

The Simple Woman’s Daybook: March 7, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY March 7, 2011

Outside my window… sunny after serious rain yesterday.

I am thinking… about a million things like the fact that the hospital cafeteria is overrun with teenagers to Daniel’s extubation (getting his breathing tube out this afternoon).

I am thankful for… Daniel being 180 degrees from where he was after my last Daybook post. Also thankful for the Ronald McDonald House here where I’m going to get a shower this afternoon.

From the kitchen… eating out of the hospital cafeteria and trying not to gain weight.

I am wearing… brown shirt, jeans, black hoodie.

I am creating… this entry and a baby blanket which may go to one of three babies to be born in May or to one of two charities.

I am going… back up to the PICU in a bit.

I am reading… The Alpine Decoy by Mary Daheim.

I am hoping… things keep improving for Daniel.

I am hearing… voices in the cafeteria.

Around the house… I haven’t been home in more than a week.

One of my favorite things… the nurses and RT and I turning Daniel on his tummy last night. Five 20 and 30-somethings fussing over him — I am afraid of the portent it shows for the future.

A few plans for the rest of the week: getting to meet Kym for the first time in person tomorrow, hanging with my little bear

Here is picture for thought I am sharing… It’s an edit from the last entry. I cut out a picture of my hands around Daniel’s hand. I have little china doll hands but mine are big compared to his. You can see some fingers and also the thumb where they have his pulse-ox.

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