Flattened (VII)


[+] I didn’t get to sleep until almost 11 last night and while coming back from the bathroom at 2 a.m., I nearly got flattened by a horde of medical personnel racing into the PICU as a CODE BLUE was called over the PA system. I knew it wasn’t my kid but it was still a rather adrenalinated experience. Then, the respiratory dude decided to rearrange furniture in the room at 4 a.m. by getting rid of the ventilator and two helium-oxygen tanks… in the loudest manner possible. I decided that I would get breakfast at 6 a.m. if I was still awake… which I was. At least the x-ray tech was kind enough to hand me a lead apron to put over myself when he came in at 5:30 instead of making me get out of bed.

[+] It’s Mardi Gras today so I got my pancakes this morning. (It’s an Anglican thing.)

[+] A 17 year old on the MSICU (the major surgery ICU unit next door where the older kids are going for overflow purposes) got life support pulled this morning. His mother begged me to love up my baby, give him a hug for her, and make sure I told him how much I loved him every day. OK… a little bit of an emotional load there. I just found out that the baby at the opposite end of the PICU is brain dead and they’re probably going to have to pull support in the next couple days. His mom and I have gotten close so I held her in the quiet room while she made some phone calls. It’s tough for me because that could have easily been Daniel. The social worker on the unit told me last week that this happens and that I’ve got to fight the fear. For those who pray, add the families of Zach (17 year old) and Jonathan B (almost 3 years old) to your list.

[+] Daniel has a blood clot in his leg from the central line so they’re starting him on Heparin. We knew it was a possible side effect and the therapeutic benefit of the line outweighed the risk of the clot. I’m hoping they get this resolved before they send him home because I am not wanting to deal with having to give him shots.

Gah. Going to try and take a nap. I need Edda right now. I wish I could sneak her on the unit.