Flattened (XII)

[+] We are having to give him shots and I’ve done 3 so far at home. This isn’t making me a happy little lepicat but it’s better than the feeding tube.

[+] Daniel used to like baths — he now appears to be afraid of them. Oyyy… It might be that there’s pain involved or that he’s afraid of the sound of the running water. I climbed into his bath last night and tonight because I needed to clean him (first bath in almost 3 weeks last night and had to get the adhesive off his neck tonight). Hopefully, he gets used to them again.

[+] I had an excruciatingly painful migraine today, complete with nausea. Jon had to do bear care and it was hard because Daniel is not being his normal self. He’s much more clingy and on the plus side, he’s fallen asleep on laps today.

[+] I have to get taxes done in the next two days and go apply for Medi-Cal on Monday. I then have to go down and apply for California Children Services on Friday. I’m hoping they’ll accept me instead of Jonathan for that appointment. I’m also praying that we’re approved — it’s going to be a 5-figure hospital bill otherwise.